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Its strength is in meditation period soccer shoes sale WuLing level. Walking in the final is a 2056 young people, whom the smile with the cunning, act before both comity, a see be a sophisticated communication, its strength just look Ji wuhou period of it.
Observe carefully after three people, YangFan the in the mind to the three character also had a preliminary judgment. Then again JingChi manipulate jade pointed to the side of the black and duct: "this is my younger brother, separate from urinate jade. You still not known to me this for everton-star brother introduce myself."
Heard, three elders jade JingChi to burst out of close brother although some feel suddenly, but still introduces himself up.the front of middle-aged humanitarian: "my name is QinBao, is the big elders, help."
"Korea is easy, for two elders,."
"YuanHua, the three elders, help."
In the QinBao self introduction finish, the back two people also sequential introduce myself a way.
One of three self introduction finished, the jade JingChi again way: "this wang recently feel have touched the promotion of barriers, I'll have to uniting the retreat, so I just to find my brother will come to, is to want to let him as I, the deputy help a Lord, help in my practice for me this day dragon during management for all the affairs of the three elders, don't know how does that sound?"
In this day dragon help,  was only a person in JingChi jade QinBao on, and now he's running what everton-star brother, also served as deputy help a Lord, this can let temper blundering QinBao extremely annoyed, its immediate objection way: "I don't agree with, and he has not done anything I help brothers, with what way as I will help, vice wang ah. If this day dragon help really choose a vice wang, a word, I be the best candidate."
In QinBao say that finish this sentence, YangFan made a strange signal, and then the hands of DuanHun knife also began to move, but next to the small purple and QingYiFeng also follow to move.
And then, small purple purple stores, YangFan body after upgrading of skills to cast out four word skyshatter multicoloured ray mans, plus the great energy QingYiFeng aoki arrows, three strands of huge energy and to the QinBao boom in the past.
QinBao unexpectedly this three people had crept silently at the same time for his shots, although he is a WuLing peak, but the other side is a WuLing top, a meditation WuLing period and a damage than itself Ji WuLing strength of what YangFan, so in the defenseless its is immediately under three way back on energy, and then in the small purple purple of stores under fire, the moment and became a the dust of the land, in the light of the hall to on down.
See a top WuLing the strong unexpectedly moment was the other party reduced to ashes, the rest of the two elders and three

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The moist person will wear soccer shoes sale

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The moist person will wear soccer shoes sale

This article was published on 2012/05/02